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Dodge Grand Caravan

It’s more than a minivan, it’s the original minivan. And it’s been a segment trendsetter for performance, style and versatility for 30 years.

Ins and outs just got easier thanks to available lowered floors and ramps. Both features offer ease of loading and unloading of wheelchairs, scooters and other equipment, so you can get where you’re going, the second you arrive.

Elevate Your Knowledge

Outer wheelchair carriers and other lifts and hoists are readily available for Dodge Grand Caravan – and your active lifestyle.

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Alternate controls for steering, braking and acceleration let you own the road, your way.

Start The Ride

Power-assisted seating with height and distance adjustments help arrange the vehicle for most every situation.

Take Control

How does 55 standard and available safety and security features sound? They make it easy to drive knowing that you’re keeping yourself and your family safe and secure.

Running boards and side steps offer a boost in, and a boost of stylish sure-footedness.

Get In

It’s power you shall have. With its award-winning 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine, Dodge Grand Caravan delivers 283 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. And the engine operates on unleaded gasoline or E-85 or a combination of the two. 1

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Pre-Conversion Specs

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan interior specs
  • Head Room
  • Shoulder Room
  • Hip Room
  • Leg Room

Jacob's Story

Jacob and the Family

Spend some time with Jacob and his family as they enjoy a wonderful day out in their Dodge Grand Caravan.

Jacobs Story Video
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Text, as hand-written, Jacob. A woman and girl sit outside a building in front of giant Legos.

Molly has a brother with special needs, and he's very hyperactive.

Molly plays with her brother Jacob. An adult leans over them.

We are in the car a lot it. It seems to calm him, so we would like to stay in the car. And in order to stay in the car, there has to be some certain features. We want to keep the kids entertained, we want to keep them safe, and we want easy access in and out. I think the ramp is a wonderful idea.

A ramp lowers from the side of a red van. Jacob sits inside in a wheelchair.

We took a car ride yesterday just to ride in the car. You get the opportunity to learn about your child's day, especially when you have multiple kids. So you have your entertainment, you have your conversation time, you can have your food, and all in a car, and I think it's fantastic. A car company to develop for individuals such as myself is extremely helpful. It's just one added bonus that we don't have to worry about. It's pretty cool.

The woman and girl look at each other and smile. Dodge logo, black letters with two slanted red stripes at the end. Logo, Driveability, F.C.A. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Live. Forward. F C A U S DRIVEABILITY.COM. Copyright 2018, F.C.C. U.S. L.L.C. All Rights Reserved. Dodge and Driveability Program are registered trademarks of F.C.A. U.S. L.L.C.

Alex's Story

Alex Heads Out

Alex isn’t slowing down one bit. Take a spin with him and his family as they spend a day out on the town.

Alexs Story Video
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Text, Alex

Inside a red van, a boy sits in a booster in the back seat. In front of him. the seats have been removed. A smiling boy with dark hair sits in a wheelchair, the seat belt pulled over several feet and across his chest and lap. Two straps are connected to the front of the wheelchair and buckled into locks protruding from the floor in front of him.

Alex was born with cerebral palsy so that limits his mobility and his ability to talk do basic motor functions, so he requires special assistance.

The family outside a large red tile curved building that says Science Center. They gather around Alex's wheelchair.

When we initially got our first van, we got it just for extra space and having two kids. But now that we have his wheelchair and he also has a walker and he has a bike that we can take to the park, and we need that room because the bike doesn't fold down, we're able to put the seats down in the van, and put the bike in to take it to the park for him so him and Evan can ride together.

A wheelchair lift mechanically extends down to the sidewalk from the side of the van where Alex sits. Near the van, Evan stacks huge Lego-shaped blocks, the side of his face painted with the solar system.

Putting the wheelchair in can be a challenge as it is, so the more help we can get on that the better. We also look for, you know, something comfortable. We drive a lot, so on these long trips that turn into eight to twelve hour trips, it's got to be comfortable for everybody

The woman pushes Alex's wheelchair down a ramp outside the Science Center, Evan runs ahead. The man smiles as he walks next to them. Text, Dodge, Driveability, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Live. Forward. F Caus . Copyright 2018 FCA US LLC . All rights reserved. Dodge and Driveability Program are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC

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