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FCA US Driveability - Equipment


Here are some adaptive equipment options to make your vehicle more accessible and easier to drive.

Dodge Grand Caravan - Lowered Floors and Ramps

Lowered Floors and Ramps

Get out of your vehicle more easily with these available adaptive equipment options. Lowered floors and ramps are the ideal solution for loading and unloading wheelchairs and scooters. No matter if it operates on three wheels or four, we have the equipment customized to meet your individual needs.

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Jeep Wrangler - Lifts, Hoists  and Carriers

Lifts, Hoists and Carriers

Whether it’s scooter hoists, rear or side wheelchair lifts or outside wheelchair carriers, we have the equipment that’s perfect for you, your vehicle and your lifestyle.

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Jeep Wrangler - Running Boards

Running Boards

Need a lift? These running boards are specifically designed to ensure drivers and riders will be provided with safe, easy entry into and exit out of their vehicle.

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Chrysler Pacifica - Driving Controls

Driving Controls

Steering, braking and acceleration can be easily controlled with hand controls, left foot accelerators and more. Take control of your vehicle without compromise.

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Ram 1500 - Power Seats

Power Seats

Boarding or transferring drivers or passengers into your vehicle is more of a convenience and less of a chore with power-assisted seating.

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Ram Promaster - Other Modifications

Other Equipment

Alerting devices, seat modifications, tie-downs. Whatever the modification, we have the equipment to fit your needs.

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Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs with this handy chart. Then, go!

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