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FCA US Driveability - Ram 1500 - Power Seats

Power Seats

Available for all vehicles, power-assisted seating makes boarding and transferring in and out of your vehicle easier. Here are some benefits of power seats.

Compatible Vehicles

Power seats are compatible with all of our vehicles. If you need help finding adaptive equipment that’s right for you, click below.

Chrysler Pacifica - Power Seats

Get In. Get Out. Get Going.

Get in and out of your vehicle easier with power-assisted seating. These seats are designed to lift you into and lower you out of your vehicle with a simple touch of a button.

Chrysler Pacifica - Power Seats Control

The adaptive equipment
that’s right for you.

Chrysler Pcifica Power Seats - Video
Cheryl's Date Night

Cheryl’s Date Night

See how power-assisted seating helps this Paralympian medalist and ballroom dancer take control of her day.

View Cheryl’s Story
Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs with this handy chart. Then, go!

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