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FCA US Driveability - Vans and Minivans


Here are some of the benefits in choosing a van or minivan with adaptive equipment.

Compatible Equipment

Vans and minivans offer versatility and are ready to be customized to fit your needs. Click below to see which vehicles and equipment suit you best.

Available Vehicles

Below are the vans and minivans we offer that are available to be modified with adaptive equipment.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Ram ProMaster City®

Ram ProMaster®

Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Headroom (Front & Rear) Hip Room (Front & Rear) Legroom (Front & Rear) Door Angles Open Door Trim To Body Shoulder Room (Front & Rear) Cargo Capacity Behind Front Seat (cubic feet) Cargo Capacity Behind Front Seat (rear folded) Towing Capacity
*see dealer
Body Opening Width Trunk (cubic feet)
Dodge Grand Caravan Front: 39.8
Rear: 39.3
Front: 58.4
Rear: 65.0
Front: 40.7
Rear: 36.5
68° 28.4 Front: 63.7
Rear: 64.1
140.3 cu. ft. N/A 3,600 N/A N/A
Chrysler Pacifica /
Pacifica Hybrid
Front: 40.1
Rear: 39.6
Rear: 39.0
Front: 59
Rear: 64.8
Front: 41.1
Rear: 39.0
N/A N/A Front: 63.8
Rear: 63.0
140.5 cu. ft. N/A 3,600
Not recommended
Ram ProMaster® Front: 43.0
Rear: N/A
Front: 65.9
Rear: N/A
Front: 38.9
Rear: N/A
N/A N/A Front: 74.8
Rear: N/A
cu. ft.
N/A 5,100 42.3/
Ram ProMaster City® Front: 45.8
Rear: 44.0
Front: 52.8
Rear: 59.2
Front: 40.8
Rear: 36.8
N/A N/A Front: 59.3
Rear: N/A
74.1 cu. ft.
Behind 2nd row
101.7 2,000 25.8 N/A