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Vans And Minivans - Dodge Grand Caravan - Lowered Floors and Ramps


Room with a view. The versatility, safety, spaciousness and affordability of vans and minivans make them a favorite for those who look to add adaptive equipment to a vehicle. With an unmatched range of customization, these vehicles also give you a suite of technological features. Check them out below.

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SUVs and Crossovers - Jeep Wrangler - Lifts, Hoists and Carriers


Handle anything. SUVs and Crossovers were made to offer more interior space, hauling versatility and improved handling. These elements become more beneficial when these types of vehicles are customized with adaptive equipment. Plus, they are able to handle many upgrades without compromising space or comfort. Take a look at the SUVs and Crossovers that we have available for adaptive equipment below.

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Trucks - Ram 1500 - Power Seats


Made to move. Made for you. Whether it’s double-side door or rear-entry configurations, trucks make entering and exiting easy. Below is a list of our trucks available to modify with adaptive equipment.

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Cars  - Dodge Charger - Driving Controls


Styled to fit your style. Adding adaptive equipment to your car means you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style and the driving experience. Take a look at our full line of cars – and the adaptive equipment they can handle – below.

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Eligible Vehicles

Vehicles eligible for reimbursement include newly leased or purchased Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram and FIAT® vehicles. Dodge Viper SRT®, Dodge Dart SE and Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT® models are ineligible.

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Compatibility Chart

Compatibility Chart

Find the vehicle that best suits your needs with this handy chart. Then, go!

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